Launch of MICE in Exponential Medicine 2019 San Diego

The first launch of 3D pre-surgical planning software oversees took place in San Diego, during the annual American conference designed for the clinicians, innovators, investors, executives, and makers driving progress in smart ways, gathering together world-class faculty, organizations, and startups from across the biomedical and technology spectrum to present an engaging series of faculty talks, interviews, hands-on experiences, demos and in-depth exploration of what’s currently in the labs, what’s evolving clinically, and what game changing technologies are emerging in the next 2 to 10 years.

Exponential Medicine is an immersive, hands-on program focused on the implications of breakthrough developments such as 3D printing, personalized stem cell lines, point-of-care lab-on-a-chip diagnostics, robotics, augmented intelligence, machine learning, large-scale bioinformatics, synthetic biology, low cost genomics, gene editing, blockchain and more. These rapidly developing technologies are discussed in the context of the current explosions of digital information, big data, and connected, on-demand, distributed healthcare.

MICE was presented on a separate stand at the conference’s Innovation Lab as a revolutionary 3D pre-surgical planning web platform for orthopaedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and neurosurgery. MICE developers team demonstrated to North and Latin America surgeons participating in the event as well to the other event participants how to perform 3D pre-surgical planning using standard implants, patient-specific implants and patient-specific surgical guides (the latter ones either as a standalone medical device or together with implants) and how the system empower surgeons to configure the design specificity and the requirements of patient-specific implants, patient-specific surgical guides and the accompanying package directly on 3D models, thus allowing the surgeon to actively participate in the implant system co-creation process.

The attendees particularly appreciated the capability of MICE to provide intuitive interface for configuration of the patient-specific implant system and system user navigation through the design validation of patient-specific implants with respect to the patient-specific anatomical model, the surgical plan and other elements of the implant system.

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