What is MICE?

MICE is 3D pre-surgical planning software with royalty-free user access via web browser. Started as exclusively pre-surgical planning (in case of patient-specific implants, as surgeon-manufacturer communication and co-creation software tool as well) due to built-in clinical data structuring, clinical data management and AI/ML functionality, MICE over time must transform to autonomous Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) based on good clinical practice.

MICE enables its user to perform pre-surgical planning both with standard implants and patient-specific implants, as well as with patient specific surgical guides, used with both types of implants providing surgeons with functionality to configure design and complete kit requirements for patient-specific implants and surgical guides participating in their design co-creation process. Providing surgeons with the one, MICE for the same provides them functionality to validate the design of patient-specific implant in respect to patient-specific anatomical model, surgical plan and other elements of implant kit.

MICE provides its users with universal functionality to do pre-surgical planning for different kinds of surgical goals for areas of orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. This universal functionality is implemented through a comprehensive library of 3D functions consisting of the different modules simulating surgical technical skills used both in pre-surgial planning and in the operating room as well.

MICE provides system users with the navigation through pre-surgical planning process. User navigation is performed according to multi-parameter navigation protocols, which are self-adjusting to a specific clinical case. Navigation is designed to ensure that all possible aspects of pre-surgical planning are taken into account and that the standard implants or their made-to-order counterparts will be used appropriately during surgery and in the further recovery of the patient.

All clinical case data, processed with MICE, including patient 3D anatomical model data, is parametrized, structured and saved in the MICE Clinical Data Base (MICE CDB) in an anonymized form. MICE provide system users access (via parametrized search and 3D anatomical models match) to historical clinical data via its Search Engine to look for the similar clinical pathologies, treatment plans and medical devices used, as well to a surgery reports presenting final outcomes of the treatment.

There are several significant advantages of MICE platform, such as: MICE is open-access 3D model- based pre-surgical planning software with user access via web browser, MICE significantly improved functionality of pre-surgical planning software, compared to competitors’ ones, MICE enables to make a pre-surgical planning with patient-specific implants and surgical guides, as well as with standard implants.

MICE Workflow

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How can I be a part of fit2patient?

The fit2patient platform together with the MICE software system allows you to design patient specific implants on web-based platform using 3D models. What is more, the pre-surgical planning becomes an easier and more convenient process. Want to know how it is possible? Contact us and become our platform partners!

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We are Ortho Baltic, in market more known as producer of custom-made prosthetic-orthotic devices under the name of Ortho Baltic, in 2012 we have invested in additive manufacturing technologies and expanded our made-to-order services to the design and production of patient-specific joint endoprosthesis, cranial and maxillofacial implants, bone plating systems, dental & jaw restoration implants and patient-specific surgical guides as well.

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