The Modern Supply Chain of Patient-specific Implants Bringing Price Reduction and Clinical Decision Support


The virtual planning and patient-specific devices are rapidly making their way into becoming a gold standard in surgical treatment

The virtual planning and patient-specific devices – implants and surgical guides – are rapidly making their way into becoming a gold standard in surgical treatment of complex clinical cases for patients suffering from severe deformities caused by congenital or acquired conditions, or oncological masses. However, despite the large selection of available tools – a growing number of manufacturers, pre-surgical planning software, a range of additive manufacturing equipment and available materials – still:

  • “patient specific” are expensive for patients, healthcare institutions, and public healthcare funds, and their lead terms are relatively long even for planned surgery
  • “patient specific” require sophisticated 3D pre-surgical planning software for the specification of design requirements based on the operation plan and validation of designed medical device;
  • since 3D_pre-surgical planning is more sophisticated than the 2D counterpart, special surgeons training to work with 3D systems is needed;
  • other factors limiting the use of 3D pre-surgical planning in surgical treatment are the non-intuitive functionality of such systems, their closeness, limited availability (not accessed through web browser), and expensive software licenses;
  • many pre-surgery planning software are specialized for specific tasks, so planning requires the use of several of them, or are compatible with products from certain implant manufacturers, providing such software;
  • one more problem is software specialization in specific joints or body parts. This prevents the surgeon from developing a holistic view.

MICE (Medical Implants Customization Engine) is designed to address all of these problems.

MICE is a free web-based pre surgical planning platform offering functionality for executing patient specific 3D-models-based virtual planning for clinical cases of orthopaedic surgery, cranio- maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery – simply upload patient’s DICOMs and start planning.

MICE is the only 3D pre-surgical planning system on the market that not only provides the system user with multifunctional tools for interactive surgery modelling in 3D virtual space, but at the same time structures and later validates 3D anatomical-clinical data used in pre-surgical planning and stores it (in anonymized form) for the secondary use. Now just for medical training purposes by searching the database for similar clinical cases and the surgical solutions used to treat them. However, after accumulating large data sets, this data will be used for machine learning

In addition, MICE is integrated with the factory floor management system, therefore, if a virtual plan is requested to become an order of patient specific implant or surgical guides – few clicks and devices are on the way! Furthermore, clinical engineers are prepared to provide a support via instant communication chat, or accumulated clinical knowledge database can be used as a reference for your case. More on MICE you can read here.

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