fit2patient is a gate to MICE pre-surgical planning system. Click on the Register link or LOGIN (for registered users) to use MICE tools free of charge. It is required to enter the available clinical case data, upload the patients’ radiological images and upon receipt of the system message on the completion of generation of the patient’s anatomical 3D model, use it to carry out the pre-surgical planning.

MICE provide not only tools for pre-surgical planning of interventions where standard or patient specific implants (with or without personalized surgical guides), or solely surgical guides are necessary, but also the ability to search through the MICE Clinical Database (CDB) for similar clinical cases and treatment solutions used.

On the other hand, fit2patient is designed to bring together the orthopaedic surgeons, cranio maxillofacial surgeons and neurosurgeons to share their clinical experience. A separate MICE account will be created for every system user where they can store their clinical case data. This data is accessible only to the account owner. The data will become accessible to all the members of the community when the system user transfers them to MICE CDB. Transfer of the clinical data of patients to MICE CDB involves automatic anonymization.

Lastly, this website is intended for the medical students as well. MICE facilitates the possibility to “play” with pre-surgical planning functionality using specific clinical cases from MICE CDB and then compare simulated planning results with the real actions taken by a surgeon when performing a surgery on an anonymous patient.

Fit2Patient partnership

How can I be a part of fit2patient?

The fit2patient platform together with the MICE software system allows you to design patient specific implants on web-based platform using 3D models. What is more, the pre-surgical planning becomes an easier and more convenient process. Want to know how it is possible? Contact us and become our platform partners!

About us

We are Ortho Baltic, in market more known as producer of custom-made prosthetic-orthotic devices under the name of Ortho Baltic, in 2012 we have invested in additive manufacturing technologies and expanded our made-to-order services to the design and production of patient-specific joint endoprosthesis, cranial and maxillofacial implants, bone plating systems, dental & jaw restoration implants and patient-specific surgical guides as well.

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