Placing emphasis on pre-surgical planning

Technological transformations change the face of the world and people’s expectations

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Pre-surgical planning software with royalty-free user access via Web browser

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What is MICE?

Web based 3D product design configuration and pre-surgical planning software MICE (Medical Implants Customization Engine) ensures the effective participation of a surgeon in patient-specific implants and surgical guides ordering and design validation processes.

Web-based instrument for surgeons is developed in order to create more favorable infrastructure for patient-specific implants application in clinical practice, promote their usage and change in surgeon’s perception. One of the goals is to turn MICE into the surgeon-manufacturer communication standard for pre-surgical planning in 3D environment and for serving orders for patient-specific implants and surgical guides.

There are several significant advantages of MICE platform, such as: MICE is open access 3D models based pre-surgical planning software with user access via web browser, MICE significantly improved functionality of pre-surgical planning software, compared to competitors’ ones, MICE enables to make a pre-surgical planning with patient-specific implants as well as standard implants.

MICE Workflow

Fit2Patient workflow step

Upload radiological images

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Plan your surgery using 3D models

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Validate designed patient-specific device

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Use it in clinical practice

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Patient-specific TMJ endoprosthesis

The patient presented to the hospital with a large swelling in the right mandibular angle area. After radiological examination, the patient was diagnosed with ameloblastoma. To prevent further swelling and growth of the tumor, resection of the ramus using patient-specific surgical guides and implantation of patient-specific TMJ prosthesis was prescribed as treatment of choice

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The fit2patient platform together with the MICE software system allows you to design patient specific implants on web-based platform using 3D models. What is more, the pre-surgical planning becomes an easier and more convenient process. Want to know how it is possible? Contact us and become our platform partners!

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We are Ortho Baltic, in market more known as producer of custom-made prosthetic-orthotic devices under the name of Ortho Baltic, in 2012 we have invested in additive manufacturing technologies and expanded our made-to-order services to the design and production of patient-specific joint endoprosthesis, cranial and maxillofacial implants, bone plating systems, dental & jaw restoration implants and patient-specific surgical guides as well.

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